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new perspectives, higher levels, together


and multiply your profits

Do you want to multiply your profits? We believe you can!
Let's work together. Right now. To grow your business exponentialy.

Unique guarantee: we don't  cost you any money,
we make you lots of money.
We make sure you make (much) more turnover and profits,
and only then you reward us with a fair share.
You've got nothing to lose and together we achieve so much more.


about us

people that help people grow commerce

'businessdevelopment.be' is an organisation of associated independent business development professionals.
They all have worked international, mostly in Europe and Asia. 
Some things our people have in common: years of experience and an active interest in innovations and new technology.
Every member has a passion for living our values, mission and realising our vision. 

partner in business

to strengthen you and your organisation

We are partner in business of our clients. These are two major types of businesses. 
We partner with (start-up) companies that have an innovative solution for b2b2c commerce.
Our other type of clients are b2b2c commerce clients. They are choosing us for the solutions, the education and the consultancy we offer, so they can grow their business.


value for you

Ethicaly, moraly & humanly respectful in all interactions with people and business.
Passion, thrive, zest.
Good, open communication.
Customer focus trough the chain.


maximize your growth

To be the business development partner of the most innovative solution providers for b2b2c driven organisations and commerce that are  customer value driven in order to maximize growth. 


Let's make it happen

To develop and grow the partner companies with hands-on cooperation, education and solutions.


new perspectives, higher levels, together

Together we achieve ... so much more ...


Achievement follows action.


executing businessdevelopment

Several independent associated execs are working the trenches day in, day out, to help businesses like yours grow. They analyse business, transform businesses, introduce solutions and educate the people that build businesses, via businessdevelopment.be. They can do what they love while being backed up by our supportive organisation and tools. They can enjoy doing what they're best at while we support them with marketing, sales, education, and excellent, innovative solutions that they can bring to their clients. 


Picture of Luc Schmid

Luc Schmid

senior associate

Luc has been executing the function of general manager for over thirty years in several companies. Early in his career, as a testpilot-engineer for Honda UK (back in the ninety seventies), he has abundantly empowered the 'need for speed and accelleration' and the vital importance of quality driven assesement. Characteristics that still drive him in every endeavor, to achieve highest yield in optimization and maximization. 

Picture Tom Commeine

Tom Commeine

senior associate

Tom is passionate about commerce, about strengthening and growing your business. He truly lives the filosofy of his mentor Zig Ziglar: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. He's definitly an enabeler, making things happen. He executes disciplined and with vigor. Next to that, Tom's a thinker and an educator. He loves to lift people up to a higher level, to the next horizon with one motto: Let's make it fabulous!

Picture of Walter Van Hoolst-Matthyssen

Walter Van Hoolst-Matthyssen

senior associate

A committed, pro-active and result-driven senior manager with a highly successful background in operations, the definition and implementation of new processes, products , tools and new business development. Committed to achieving and exceeding demanding targets, business objectives, tight deadlines and deliverables. A motivational and inspirational leader who enjoys being successful and who thrives in highly pressurized and challenging working environments..


purpose | vision | strategy


tactics | processes | means


customers | people - staff | figures



How come some companies are more innovative, more profitable, more esteemed then others? Because they are able to inspire.
They have clearly defined their 'why?'
What's your purpose? What's your cause? What's your belief?
Why does your organisation exist? What values drive you, excite you, have meaning to you from the heart? 
People no longer buy the 'what', they buy the 'why'. People that buy the 'why' connect at the deepest level and are more likely to stay loyal.


The vision of your business is how this business sees itself.
Your vision shows how you and your team of people see the business.
Your vision is very important for yourself and your people.
Your vision shows your future.
The mission clarifies how a business will realise its vision.
So you need a vision statement that origins from your beliefs and values.


How can you reach a goal that you don't even have?
As a company you don't just need "a goal".  You need a program of goals written down. And no matter how SMART your goals are, they should be aligned with your purpose and your vision.
The formula to reach your goals is your strategy.  We at businessdevelopment.be can help you to brainstorm, clarify, design and put all in place to execute. We invite you to contact us when you’re interested in an awesome experience of laying out these foundations for your business.




The fastest way to transform your business results is to change your strategy. It's important to design a business the way it generates maximum results in value creation. Strategy is the axis of your business. Strategy is the explanation of the whole operational way your business works, why and how every element integrates, moves forward and develops itself in the direction of the results that you want to achieve. Tactics are the mechanisms, the methods, the techniques, the practical actionsteps that you use to realise your strategy. Tactics are important and can make a hughe difference in speed and leverage to achieve your goals. 


All systems live as an organism and they tend to breathe. All systems change. Change is more frequently then not resisted. Yet change is continiously happening. As always, there is a choice: react to change, respond to change or even cause change?  Targets always move. The marksman anticipates. The dabbler fires late. Continuous Process Improvement will keep you hitting your goals, even when they move. Process improvement can have a return on investment from 2% up to 2000%. Experience has shown that a whopping 75% of the steps making up any process are not value-added from the customer’s perspective. As such, these cost-added only steps need to be eliminated.


Your means, your resources are another incredible leverage to your business.
Your human capital, your intellectual capital, your financial capital, your relational capital.
It's important to analyse, measure, and improve your ROI (Return On Investment), your ROA (Return On Activity) and your ROO (Return On Opportunity).
If you can’t visualise this, how can you improve it?

Business Process Redesign



Maximizing your customer value is one of the most important drivers for business success. Maximizing the value that your business provides for the customer in one way and maximizing the value of your customers for your business in the other sense.
This means maximizing the number of customers, maximizing the frequency of purchase of your customers and maximizing the amount of purchase. It’s therefor most important to know your customers, to communicate focused with your customers and to analyse and measure and make visible these data and it’s results. We offer you tools to do this. 

people - staff

Your people are your company. They are the ones that operate the systems in place. They are the ones that execute the tactics in a strategical way in order to achieve the goals. The best way to maximize your company is by growing your people.
This can be done with education, training, coaching and experiences. That’s why we have created the Business Development Academy and the Business Development Events. Next to that we can provide you with some really interesting software tools for staff planning and workshedule communication, worktime registration, and ofcourse all the other admin chores that you are confronted with dealing with staff.


Do you have a good eye on your figures? Can you real time see how your business is performing? Maximizing your figures starts with knowing. Maximizing your figures is done in various ways. Your strategy, your tactics, your systems and processes, your people, they all have an impact on how well your business performs, how great the customer value is, how many customers buy frequently more and more. Maximizing your figures is also done by research and development, by innovation, by marketing, and by smart employment of means. Let’s work together to maximize the figures of your business. Contact us now. 

Never, ever, ever forget: it's ALL about Talent!


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